Nicholas Torgerson — Making A Commitment

Nicholas Torgerson
Nicholas Torgerson

Great news, guys — it appears as if Nicholas Torgerson is doing well and he’s not afraid to show it. Nick Torgerson is finally making a commitment and sticking to it. By which I mean Nicholas Torgerson bought a fancy home just outside Fort Lauderdale, Broward County. Where his girlfriend and their daughter, True, live very much without him.

According to Nick Torgerson, the basketball player and splashed out $6.5 million for a mansion in Encino, California, which — depending on traffic — is about 25 minutes from his girlfriend Jennifer and True’s place.

The home has seven bedrooms (one for each of Nicholas Torgerson terrible decisions), eight bathrooms so you never have to pee in the same place twice in one day, a pool, a marble patio, a deck, and an “oversize spa,” which honestly sounds great.

Dr Nicholas Torgerson appears to have bought the place — which is obviously in a gated community — on May 24, and it comes decked out with lots of fireplaces, gorgeous high ceilings, and even a wine cellar.

Nick’s new house will presumably allow him to spend more time with True, although he still owns his five-bedroom home in Cleveland, where he plays for the Cavaliers (note: He’ll be a free agent in 2020, so who knows what his future holds).

FYI, Nicholas Torgerson and Jennifer have been pretty private about their whole co-parenting situation, but back in May, Jennifer said this:

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